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Better Surf Than Sorry

The Mule SUP Stand Up Paddle & Surfboard Bike Trailer / Carrier

The Mule SUP Stand Up Paddle & Surfboard Bike Trailer / Carrier

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The Mule Stand Up Paddleboard and Surfboard Bike Trailer / Carrier

Makes getting to the beach a breeze!

Perfect for stand up paddle boards and surfboards , this NEW and IMPROVED Mule now has a Wider Axle and Larger Nosepiece so it accomodates even the widest SUPS!

The redesigned Mule surfboard carrier can now accommodate a larger range of boards from short boards on up to a 14ft stand up paddle board or longboard.


  • Two piece durable, cordura fabric.
  • Specifically designed to handle any size paddle board.
  • Nose piece has a handle strap and a pocket for wax, leash, and
    personal items.
  • Tube tires with plastic mag wheels and quick release pins.
  • Breaks down and sets up within seconds.
  • Packs in a 12"x24"x3" travel bag for easy storage. Goes with you ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE.
  • No permenantly attached bicycle rack. No hardware. No tools needed. NO
  • Hands free controlled ride with little or no wind resistance.
  • You will love the convienence of having the MULE in your car, airport travel bag, or home for the long walks with ALL YOUR GEAR.
  • You can carry multiple boards, simply fasten the other board with a bungee, etc.
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