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Better Surf Than Sorry

San Diego Sup Surfing paddle board private lesson

San Diego Sup Surfing paddle board private lesson

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During this lesson, we will either be introducing you to Sup surfing or helping improve your Sup surfing skills.

The lesson will consist of some flat water practice and drills before heading into the surf, approx 30 min. During this part of the lesson, we will evaluate your paddler level, go over proper paddle stroke, Sup surfing paddle techniques, how best to navigate your board through the surf as well as equipment review . Once comfortable in the flat water, we will cross over to the ocean. There, we will paddle out away from any crowds and catch some waves. 😊. We will guide you through the process of finding and timing your approach for the right wave, the different strokes used for catching waves, how best to get back out after catching a waves etc.
Whether you are a seasoned sup surfer or a first-timer, our SUP surf paddle board lesson will give you skills and knowledge to enjoy this thrilling sport safely and comfortably. Once you have the skills, there is no substitute for water time, water time, water time.

• Must have some paddle experience and be comfortable paddling and maneuvering a smaller board on flat water.
• Good swimmer in all conditions.
• Helpful if you are familiar with surfing, surf etiquette and general knowledge of navigating the surf.
**If it is determined that you are not yet ready for the ocean, we will remain in the bay and continue to work on overall paddle skills.**

Sup surfing requires certain conditions, so it is hard to pre book to far in advance. Please call or email us If you would like to schedule a lesson or if have any questions about the lesson or equipment. We do have a couple sup surfboards available for rent if you don’t have your own yet.

Better Surf than Sorry
5059 Newport Ave. Ste 302
San Diego, CA 92107

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