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Stand Up Paddling with your dog!

Stand Up Paddling with your Pup!

It's the latest craze, a relaxing ride with your pup on your stand up paddle board. Your furry best friend loves it, and now we have special gear just for it! The Pup Deck gives grip to your board right where your dog sits, on the front of the board. Now that your pup has their own pad, they love going on a paddle even more! We're also introducing the new book by Maria Christina Schultz, "How To SUP With Your Pup" featuring amazing photography, a heartwarming story, and how to's for paddling with your pup.

 SUP Paddleboarding with your Dog

SUP Pup Deck and Carrier Pack
Price: $58.00

SUPpup Sticker
Price: $2.75

SUP Dog Guy Sign
Price: $18.50

SUP Dog Girl Sign Pink
Price: $18.50

SUP Dog Girl Sign Yellow
Price: $18.50

SUP Dog Guy Sticker
Price: $3.75

SUP Dog Girl Sticker
Price: $3.75

SUP Pup Deck Stickers & Sign Pack
Price: $55.00

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