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Surfival Surfboard Emergency Board Care and Repair Kit
We surf.  	And we know whaaccessories you need for repairs, emergencies, and various gear.

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We surf.

And we know what surf accessories we have accumulated over the years and have floating around in our cars and backpacks for day trips, weekenders and treks to Baja and beyond.

We also know what its like when the one thing you need to get in the water can’t be found. Whether it got used up, never was purchased, or (most likely) you simply can’t find it. A gear mess can ruin a sesh!

The SurfivalKit Solves That!

It has the things you would expect to find. It even has some random stuff you may never need...but your surf buddy who just lost a fin screw, ripped a leash string, dinged his board, & needs a bar of wax will be stoked you have it! We created the SurfivalKit to solve our own challenges, and hopefully yours too!

See what's included below.

Price: $29.95

Product Code: SURFIVAL

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  • Who needs a Surfival Kit?

  • The New Surfer
    • You are super stoked to finally be a part of the surfing scene.
    • You’ve got a new board lined up and wonder what else you need.
    • You want to avoid learning the hard way what critical items help you enjoy the surf.
    • This kit has you covered!
  • The Experienced Surfer

    • You're not some kook who thinks skeg keys are only found on board shorts.
    • You’ve probably purchased each item in the kit at some point in life.
    • You just want someone to put it all together so you can surf.
    • This kit has you covered!
  • Friends, Family & Surf Widows!

    • You have no clue or idea what to get your surfer.
    • Last time you bought them a present, it never got unwrapped.
    • You want to get them what they need, without breaking the bank.
    • This kit has you covered!


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