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We surf.  	And we know whaaccessories you need for repairs, emergencies, and various gear. Surfival Surfboard Emergency Board Care and Repair Kit

What's In It?

“Performance” Drop-Ins

  • 1x Skeg Key
  • 1x Leash String
  • 1x Longboard Fin Plate & Screw
  • 2x Shortboard Fin Screws

"Board Care” Drop-Ins

  • 2x Surf Wax (Base & Temp)
  • 1x Wax Comb
  • 1x “Solarez®” Ding Kit (.5 oz)
  • 3x Waterproof Ding Stickers

“Surfer” Drop-Ins

  • 1x Pair “Mack’s” Ear Plugs
  • 1x SPF 15 Lip Balm
  • 1x SPF 30 Sunscreen (1.0oz)
  • Surfival Stickers

Who needs a Surfival Kit?

The New Surfer

  • You are super stoked to finally be a part of the surfing scene.
  • You’ve got a new board lined up and wonder what else you need.
  • You want to avoid learning the hard way what critical items help you enjoy the surf.
  • This kit has you covered!

The Experienced Surfer

  • You're not some kook who thinks skeg keys are only found on board shorts.
  • You’ve probably purchased each item in the kit at some point in life.
  • You just want someone to put it all together so you can surf.
  • This kit has you covered!

Friends, Family & Surf Widows!

  • You have no clue or idea what to get your surfer.
  • Last time you bought them a present, it never got unwrapped.
  • You want to get them what they need, without breaking the bank.
  • This kit has you covered!

Our Low Price: $29.95