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supPOCKET Stand Up Paddleboard Deck Bag Zippered Storage Pocket (Black)
supPOCKET Stand Up Paddleboard Deck Bag Zippered Storage Pocket (Black)

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The supPOCKET is the perfect solution for storing your phone, wallet, water, energy boosts and anything else you want to take with you on your standup paddling session. Made of a strong and durable polyester with PVC backing, this is a high quality black mesh zippered pocket bag with expert detail finishes and 4 suction cup fasteners that sticks to your board. Made in USA. Comes with four suction cups to stick it to your board Now available in black, blue, green, orange and red!
Our Price: $49.85

Product Code: SUPOCK-20002

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by Katie at Distressed Mullet

sup Pocket
I put two water bottles and some grapes in the pocket. In my CamelBak Baja model, I stuffed a bunch of other food. I used all four pockets. I could have put more in the supPocket, but I did not fully trust it yet. I looked like an overstuffed squirrel. If squirrel cheeks were on their hips and *ahem* chests.

I set off to paddle. There was wind. There was chop. There were plenty of boat wakes.

THE BAG HELD. I never had to re-suction anything. (I spit on the suction cups when I first put the bag on the board.)

The supPocket is, in fact, everything it promises to be. Namely, a net bag to securely carry your stuff on your board.

  • The netting is elastic, so you can stuff all kinds of stuff in there.
  • The bag is big enough to hold standard 20 oz water bottles and some food, but not so big that it becomes this big impediment.
  • The bag has a carrying handle on one end so you can pack it before you leave home and easily carry it to the dock.
  • Zipper was easy to open, even during hour 5.
  • Net holes were big enough to let water through but small enough to keep my trash in as I continued eating my way through my pockets of food.
  • Heavy duty--this is not your cheap piece of crap nylon bag from a free credit card offer. It's really sturdy.



I really liked this bag. It retails for just under $50. You might say WHOA! Hold up there pardner. That's a lot of money. If you don't ever do long paddles, you might not need something like this. If you do long flatwater paddles and like to take picnics and stuff, this bag is great. I have tried almost every type of removable adhesive stuff to stick things to my board, and I've paddled with coolers, and dry bags, and cases, and such, and this, honestly, worked better than any of them. I like it because you can take it off! I've resisted epoxying bungee tie downs to my BARK board because I don't want to look at them all the time. It is not made for big surf, though. I'm pretty sure it would rip off immediately in any sort of breaking surf. You could probably clip it to you and then put it on your board when you got through the surf if you were going to do a long ocean paddle. (I tend to lose anything not firmly anchored to my body when I'm trying to go through the surf.)

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