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 Product Detail - On-Rail SUP Wall Rack - 1 Board

On-Rail SUP Wall Rack - 1 Board
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  • Gatekeeper™ On-Rail Racks for SUP's offer the same proven shape as our standard On-Rail racks, but we increased the bend radius to handle the larger rails and thickness and lengthened the Support Arms to cradle the greater width of the SUPs. 
  • Offered in 1 and 2 surfboard capacities. For additional surfboard storage, the On-Rail Racks for SUP's may be "stack mounted" to provide a wall of surfboard storage (we think it's a pleasing look)
  • Safely stores your surfboards, while beautifully displaying the decks or hulls.
  • Support arms are spaced on 11" centers, providing plenty of space for deep fins and are specifically shaped for easy surfboard load and unload – form follows function!
  • The On-Rail for SUP's, with support arms positioned at a 45 degree angle, effectively reduces space required out from the wall and provides deep fin clearance!
  • Our neat and clean design will compliment and blend with any décor.
  • The On-Rail for SUP's all-steel, welded construction is designed for daily use. It is BUILT RUGGED!

(each order includes 2 units as pictured above to hang your board)

 Every Gatekeeper™ Surfboard Wall Rack includes:

  • High quality nitrile foam cushioning to protect your board's finish
  • All-steel, welded construction
  • Sturdy 1 inch (25.4mm) diameter tubular steel support arms
  • Wide support backing tube provides a rigid connection to your wall
  • Powdercoated finish - color: matte black
  • Installation fasteners (1/4 x 3" lags and flat washers for stud mounting)
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