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 Product Detail - SURF MACHINE Wave Fountain

Surf Machine desktop or table top wave fountain
Base Price: $85.00
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Extended Price: $85.00

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"Just Add Water for Real Surfing Action" Now you can Mind Surf right at your desk with the Surf Machine wave fountain

Surf Machine in box

Package includes:

1 Surfmachine
(L:27cm X H:13cm X W:16cm)
1 Surfer
1 Body Boarder
2 Palms
L.E.D. light 12v Water Pump

(Complies to International Standards)

SURFMACHINE is the water feature like no other!
Designed by Australian Surfer / Inventor Courtney Potter
The SURFMACHINE'S Patent Pending Design generates a mini endless breaking wave, with pipeline like tube.

Specially designed SURFMACHINE Surfer's actually ride the wave creating an animated surfing experience everyone can enjoy. At night SURFMACHINE'S L.E.D. lights illuminate wave and surfer creating an incredible Liquid Light Show.

With classic surf scene looks, and therapeutic sound of the water at the home or the office. Surfs always up with the SURFMACHINE
 Surf Machine wave close up  Surf Machine close up    
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