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 Product Detail - SUP Deluxe Gift Package

SUP Deluxe Gift Package
Base Price: $115.00
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Extended Price: $115.00

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The SUP Deluxe Gift Package includes:

The Big Schlepper SUP Carrier - a convenient stand up paddle surfboard carrying strap

Block Surf Stand Up Paddle Board Leash - 2" ultra-light padded neoprene strap, detachable velcro railsaver, 0.310 urethane cord, keypocket, 12' long when stretched out.

Xtreme Cream and Blue Goo Package
by On It Pro - Includes 1 4 oz. Bottle of each product.

Xtreme Cream - Increases speed by reducing friction on the bottom surface by over 15%. Use for better response, reduced paddle fatigue, access to bigger waves and more radical tricks. It also resists salt and dirt and puts a beautiful shine on to keep your investment looking like new.

Blue Goo - Removes the toughest dirt, grime, stains, scuff marks, minor scratches, oxidation, salt build-up & yellowing. It's deep cleaning action preps the surface for the application of Xtreme Cream high performance bottom coating.

The SUP Ceiling Rack - makes it easy to store just about any sized board. Utilizing a 180 degree bend the Ceiling Rack securely stores and displays your Stand-Up Paddle Board to the ceiling without complicated straps or cables. The rack opening is 10-1/2.

Everything you could need. A Deluxe Gift Package for SUP surfers!
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