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Standup paddle boarding gear for all levels of experience. From boards, storage racks, SUP carriers, to fun SUP signs and stickers, we've got an impressive selection of gear and accessories for paddlers. Better Surf than Sorry is the inventor and the home of the original Big Board Schlepper SUP sling carrier. From deck pads to flotation devices, we also stock a hefty selection of supplies to SUP with your dog!
  • Board wall Racks & Stands

    Your stand up paddleboard is an investment. You want to take care of it and maybe show it off. Our selection of wall racks and ceiling racks will do the trick. Store your board out of the way of getting scratches and dings and keep it clean and safe. Our racks are not only functional, we have some handmade wood racks and stylish solutions to storing multiple boards. Turn your board in to a great showpiece and keep it in great condition.
  • Hydration & Compression Gear

    Staying hydrated is essential for anyone enjoying sports on the water like standup paddling. You need to replenish your lost water in order to have endurance and remain healthy during your paddle. Our hydration pack and compression shirt technologies will give you the access you need to a healthy intake of fluids as well as aid in recovery time and endurance.
  • Lockrack strapless paddleboard SUP Kayak roof racks

    New Lock racks allow you to secure your surfboards, sup paddleboards or kayaks without using straps. Super easy and safe
  • Paddle Board UV Covers & bags

    A stand up paddleboard cover is necessary for ding protection, to store your board away from dust and dirt, and protect it from damaging UV rays. Our selection of board bags and covers will provide the protection you need. These covers slip on and come off easy, are tested for long-term protection, and come in many varieties.
  • Paddle Boards

    Focus SUP Hawaii was founded in 2008 to design a diverse range of stand up paddleboards that stand out, are technically superior, and performance motivated. The purpose of Focus SUP Hawaii is to bring the best and most diverse variety of standup paddleboards to the marketplace. Paddle on the same boards used and inspired by Mo Freitas, and Pat Rawson!
  • RinseKit Portable Shower

    With no pumping and no batteries, RinseKit portable shower delivers a pressurized spray for up to three minutes. You won't believe it once you try it - how you ever lived without this awesome portable pressurized spray shower that has power and ultimate portability. The variety of uses are endless! Sports, picnics, beach outings, camping, dirty jobs...the list goes on and on. You will want at least one RinseKit portable shower in your life!
  • SUP Clothing

    Show your love for SUP with a stand up paddleboarding tee. We feature quality mens and womens shirts with cool sup designs like the evolution of the paddler and women's paddling at sunset tees.
  • SUP Signs & Stickers

    Our easy to hang aluminum SUP signs are ready to hang, measure 12 x 18 and are great for outdoors or indoors. Our sticker collection includes some of our most-loved sign designs, only smaller. We also have the hilarious and famous "I'm Not A Seal" and "I'm Not a Turtle" shark repellent stickers. Get on the stick-figure family stickers bandwagon with style with our SUP stick figure family stickers!
  • SUP With Your Dog

    We love dogs who love water! Standup paddling with your dog has never been easier than with our SUP with your dog gear. Dogs love our famous Pup Deck traction pad for dogs because it helps keep them stable and secure on the moving paddle board. How To SUP With Your Pup Book by Maria Christina Schultz can get you started. Our personal flotation devices for dogs, waterproof collars and water toys will ensure you have a safe and fun day in the water with your best friend pooch!
  • Surf and SUP Accessories

    Anything you need to make your paddle easier, safer and more fun. Keep your valuables dry with the quick snap-close dry bags. Pop your water, snacks, and flip flops in a supPOCKET mesh on-board bag. Keep your standup paddle board clean and waxed. Safety first with a sturdy leash and the SUPvival Kit. Even blast some tunes on your paddle with a bluetooth waterproof SUP speaker!
  • Surf and SUP Board Carriers & Bike Trailers

    We've got lightweight stand up paddleboard slings, hand pulled trailers, bike trailers, bike attachments and carts with special wheels for sand. We can help you tote one board to three boards, your gear and supplies. Make your journey to the water easy, fun and save your energy for paddling with our SUP carriers and trailers!
Our SUP supplies and gear will make your paddle even better. Whether you're looking for an efficient way to carry your large SUP board to the water or store it at home, looking for leashes, paddles or even a new quality board, look no further. We have Rinsekit portable showers for rinsing your board and fast clean up, fun accessories for standup paddling with your dog, and hydration / compression shirts that serve two vital purposes for the serious paddler. Come check out our fantastic selection of stand up paddle board gear and get your board on the water!