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Welcome to Better SUP than Sorry : SUP Transport
Everything you need to get your SUP board and gear to the water. We've got trailers, bike racks, lightweight slings, and more. However you get there, we've got the SUP transport you need.
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SUP Transport - Carriers and trailers for every board

SUP transport, SUP trailers and SUP carriers. We've got stand up paddleboard carriers and trailers that fit every budget and will get your board to the water whether you're walking, biking, or any combination! We're always adding the latest in SUP transport technology, so check back soon. We carry the most surfer-loved and surfer-trusted brands like The Mule Transport System, The Wheele Rack SUP / Kayak, and The Big Board Schlepper. All board carrier solutions are made by surfers for surfers. So you can be sure these stand up paddle board carriers and trailers (great for kayaks, too!) are tested and approved by SUP surfers! Don't forget to check out the rest of our SUP surfing gear from boards and paddles to leashes, decks, and more at

The Big Board Schlepper
Big Board Schlepper for Stand Up Paddle Surfboards and Longboards                       



Looking for a quick, easy and inexpensive way to transport your SUP? The Big Board Schlepper stand up paddleboard carrying strap is a simple solution for carrying your SUP to the water. Also available with a convenient fanny pack, you can fold and store the Big Board Schlepper on you once you're in the water. You don't have to leave it on the beach or banks! The fanny pack is now bigger, so you can take extra supplies with you. So, if you're wondering what the simplest way is to get you and your stand up paddle board to the ocean, or flatwater, order a Big Board Schlepper SUP carrier / sling and keep it handy!

NEW IMPROVEMENTS - Handles all board sizes with new 81" strap length to fit around the board. Fanny pack improvements feature added strength and size.

Big Board Schlepper Features:

  • Extra large and extra thick shoulder pad
  • Loops to hold paddle also allow using paddle as a handle to carry the board.
  • Easy adjustable clip on/clip off straps for different size boards (*NEW* Now adjusts up to 81" circumference).
  • Neoprene non-slip pad keeps board from sliding out.
  • Shock absorbtion system makes longer walks easier.
  • Can also be used without the shoulder strap by using the paddle as a carrying handle!
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 The Stand Up Paddle Surf MULE


                      Mule Bag on SUP

When it comes to SUP transport and carriers, the Mule Transport System stands apart. The Stand Up Paddle Surfboard Mule has an adjustible nose piece which slides right onto the nose of your SUP board. In seconds with no tools or hardware you you can slip the carrier onto any bicycle seat or walk with it, board in hand. Making it even more easy to use, the Mule SUP Transport packs into its own travel bag. There is NO framework! Your board becomes the frame. This SUP carrier trails behind your bike so a cross wind does not take you off your bike (like with some side mounted bike carriers). No attachments to your bike so you can use your bike as you always have when you're not carrying your SUP board. The Stand Up Paddle Surfboard MULE features a wider axle and larger nosepiece that accomodates even the widest SUPS. This redesigned Mule surfboard carrier can now accommodate a larger range of boards from short boards on up to a 14ft stand up paddle board or longboard.

The Stand Up Paddle Surfing Mule Features:

  • Two piece durable, cordura fabric.
  • Specifically designed to handle any size paddle board.
  • Nose piece has a handle strap and a pocket for wax, leash, and
    personal items.
  • Makes walking or riding to the break a breeze.
  • Tube tires with plastic mag wheels and quick release pins.
  • Breaks down and sets up within seconds.
  • Packs in a 12"x24"x3" travel bag for easy storage. Goes with you ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE.
  • No permenantly attached bicycle rack. No hardware. No tools needed. NO
  • Hands free controlled ride with little or no wind resistance.
  • Available with a Black nose piece. You will love the convienence of
    having the MULE in your car, airport travel bag, or home for the long walks
    with ALL YOUR GEAR.
  • additional photos by: Knut Sørby
    $129.00 Buy Now! Buy/More Info


 The EZ Roller SUP Transport


"The future of SUP transport is here, and it's awesome."

Sticky Wheel and Pau Hana Surf Supply introduct the EZ Roller, a revolution in stand up paddle board transport.

Improving upon existing stand up paddleboard carrier designs by utilizing basic physics, the EZ Roller is the ultimate in ease of transportation.

The EZ Roller goes over any type of surface. Advanced engineering, sleek and simple design, and extraordinary performance come together to set the EZ Roller apart.

Attach and remove in seconds. It's just that easy.

  • Great for all ages, men and women.
  • Small, sturdy, and easy to use.
  • Travels over all surfaces.
  • Attach in 3 seconds.
  • Makes your trip to the beach fast and easy.
  • Protects your board.
  • Only weighs 6.2 lbs.
  • 35" wide by 16" tall
  • Adjusts to any size board.
  • Lock optional.
    $124.50 Buy Now! Buy/More Info


The Wheele SUP/Kayak



No matter what the terrain or the distance, the Wheele SUP / Kayak bike trailer gives you quick and easy access to the waves with all your goods. The Wheele SUP / Kayak is the ultimate bike SUP/Kayak utility trailer that is completely hassle-free. Ultra light, the Wheele SUP / Kayak trailer wieghts about 18 lobs and attaches and detaches to any bike in seconds. The padded top rack carries your SUP board(s) or kayak and the large underpack stores wetsuits, gear and other supplies for hands-free cycing control. Most critical, the Wheele SUP / Kayak's aerodynamic, low center of gravity and performance design allows split second maneuvering. It's perfect for tight spots, beach areas and crowded streets as well as handling narrow off-road conditions and trails no matter what size board you're carrying! You can even detach the SUP / Kayak trailer from the bike and use it as a hand carry trailer.

  • Designed by a surfer for a surfer
  • Attaches to the seat post of most bikes
  • SUP/Kayak model will accommodate over 13'
  • Incredible stability
  • Roomy storage area hangs below the board(s). Great for wetsuit + supplies
  • Carries multiple boards
  • Can easily detach from bike and convert into a hand-carry trailer!
$289.00 Buy Now! Buy/More Info



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