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About the Smooth Company:

Smooth is a collection of avid watermen and surfers who have grown up on the lakes, rivers and beaches of California and Hawaii. With active participation in SUP Racing, Surfing, Fitness and Exploration, the Smooth builders and shapers  know what it takes to design boards that work well in all water conditions. Love for the water and desire for the sport put them on a mission.

Why Choose Smooth Boards?:

Smooth Stand Up Paddleboards started on one basic premise.  Design and build the best overall performing stand up paddleboards on the market, while delivering them at an unbeatable price to the consumer.

About the Design:

Smooth Paddleboard designs are born out of rigorous testing and in true form, this is a craft that takes special talent.  Every board is hand shaped, and designed in the USA.  This gives Smooth Stand Up Paddleboards their amazing ride and feel, with a quality that cannot be beat. 

Finding the perfect level of weight, balance, shape, handling and glide characteristics takes time. The Smooth professionals have gone to great lengths testing a multitude of board shapes in different water conditions and environments to come up with best overall stand up paddleboard on the market.

How the the Smooth SUP boards are made: 



2 lb EPS Foam

¼” bass wood stringer

S-Glass Fiberglass

Triple 6oz (6oz + 6oz + 6oz) fiberglass top layer and re-enforced additional 4oz standing patch

Bottom laminate – 6oz + 6oz + 4oz around fin box

Clear Epoxy resin

FCS Fusion side boxes

center fin box

All Smooth SUP boards are hand shaped with 2 lb EPS foam (similar to Styrofoam) then glassed using fiberglass and epoxy resins.  First, an experienced shaper takes his templates and tools and shapes an 11’ or 12’ board to perfection.



Once shaped the laminations process begins. The boards are laminated with double 6oz S-glass top and bottom with a 4oz S-glass fiberglass standing patch on the deck. Resin Research clear epoxy resins are used to wet out the fiberglass and complete the lamination. First to be applied is a 6 oz layer of S-glass top and bottom.

The board is then placed in a custom oven where it will cook at 125 degrees for a minimum of 24 hrs so the 1st lamination properly cures.  Once "cooked," the paint is applied and water transfer decals are applied to the board.

After the decals have been applied final layer of 6oz S-gloss is applied to the top and bottom along with an additional 4oz of S-glass on top where you will be standing.  We call this the “standing patch”.  This helps strengthen the board where needed and most of your weight will generally be.  Back to the oven the board will go and “cook” for another 24hrs to properly cure the last lamination.


After the board is fully cured it is given its final sanding process to rid any excess resin. Then it’s off to be polished where the high gloss you see on the final product will be achieved.  The last step is to thoroughly wrap and package the board so it can be shipped safely to you.




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